WE LOVE:: Lissy Trullie

“From the outset, Lissy Trullie might look like just your average hipper-than-thou hipster. She’s certainly got the credentials—including frequent DJ gigs at the Beatrice Inn. But hear her sing and strum the guitar and what you’ll really find is a folksy, bluesy, doe-eyed soul sister. “I gave birth to a guitar when I was four years old. It was strange, especially for a four-year-old, but I thought I should probably give it a go because of the random circumstances,” she jokes. Trullie only started performing with her band a year and a half ago and has already graced stages everywhere from traditional rock haunts like Mercury Lounge to celebrity mainstays like Bungalow 8. And whether singing original songs from her new EP (out this spring), or belting out a cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab,” Trullie has become the rocker du jour for fashionistas and twenty-somethings all over town. Still, the Washington, D.C., native would judge her own success a little differently: “I like to test out songs on my twelve-year-old cousins and my seventy-year-old grandparents. If they like them, then I’m super-psyched. I’m proud when people outside my age or world are into my music. That’s when I can feel like I’ve actually done something.”

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  1. vkwsweetp686

    Love this song, and her haircut. I’m always looking for fresh music for my ipod. Is this song available on itunes? My blog, styleandsensibility.wordpress.com

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